Gentrol IGR Concentrate




Manufactured by Zoecon, Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator helps to gain control over various insects, such as bed bugs, roaches, drain and fruit flies, and pantry pests. Young insect pests that come into contact with the Gentrol will be sterilized, growing into adults incapable of reproduction, thus breaking the pest’s life cycle. Gentrol can also target pantry pests, drain and fruit flies, and fleas in the pupal stage, killing them before turning into adults.

The effects that Gentrol IGR has on the targeted insects create a window of opportunity to completely eradicate them before they can reproduce a new generation. Gentrol IGR alone can be used to address an insect infestation, but it can also be mixed with an insecticide to simultaneously target adult pests. This product is ideal for use in places where insects are hard to kill, such as apartments, hotels, nursing homes, and more.


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